Sports Management

What You Get

Ironcrew offers a variety of solutions to support our customers which, among other, include:

Career management

Support in contracting negotiations

Approach and cooperation with specialized trainers of strength, fitness, running, cycling and swimming

Acess to our legal partner for assistance in any legal case

Our most reknown client is Andrej Vistica, one of the best triathlets in the World.

No Pain, No Gain

1 on 1 Training

with Andrej Vištica

Our culture is based on almost family relationships with our clients and we embrace a direct and personal approach. Each of our clients becomes a member of our team and together with him we define all the details.

Ironcrew is focused on helping clients reach their unrealized marketing and sport potential. We are connected to a wide network of leading professionals in business, endurance sports, but also general physical fitness and strength, that help us shape the athlete’s future.

Quality is primary and and our leading principle in a way that we work in parallel with a limited number of athletes to ensure that we make the most of their potential.

In addition, we have organized a number of sports-related events – specialized training camps, races and corporate events with a touch of adventure, outdoor and active holidays.

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